Creative Direction, Design for roamr™

Client: roamr™/Roam149
roamr is a technology-backed luxury fitness company and run club featuring augmented-reality running.
Roam149: roamr’s flagship run club in NYC

roamr™ is a running studio that features their in-house made and owned state-of-the-art AR running product, exclusively featured in their NYC flagship, Roam149. As creative director, I was tasked with developing naming, brand identity, design system, product consulting, door/entrance design, merchandise, product UI, and supporting art direction.

Roam149 Banner/Flag for New York flagship

From 2021-2022, I served as the creative director & designer, developing preliminary design language to build funding interest. This branding sweep drove completion of rounds in preparation to fund cross-functional team operations in 2023:

Preliminary Branding & Art Direction

Preliminary Naming, Print Design Concepts for NYC Bill Postings

Prelimary Design Concept for Front Door/Entrance Design